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Big Village insights are fueled by traditional and new approaches.

Working with speed, rigor and creativity, Big Village propels brands forward faster by combining expertise in research & design, data & analytics, and scientific insights.

Big Village’s three pillars are fueled by both traditional and new methodologies and techniques – qualitative and quantitative research methods and techniques such as CATI, face to face, online surveys, focus groups or depth interviews right through to digital hives, User Experience Design (UXD) and other methodologies.

We utilise the latest best practice statistical tools available for analysis such as, key driver analysis, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, perceptual mapping and more

We also have expertise in making sense of free text comments whether it be from straightforward coding through to advanced text analytics.

We can also help you make better use of the survey, data and reporting platforms you are using – whether it be Qualtrics, Confirmit/Dapresy, PowerBI or other key data collection and analytics tools in the marketplace.

What we do

Government & Social Research

As one of Australia’s leading public sector research consultancies we conduct qualitative and quantitative research across a diverse range of policy areas. With high calibre researchers and quality data at our core, we use research insights to reliably inform social research and government decision making.

Winning Workplaces

Big Village’s Winning Workplaces team helps clients create a high performing and innovative workplace that is truly fit for the future with action at the heart of all that we do.

Survey Implementation and Data Integration

We support the implementation of surveys on an array of survey platforms and ensuring primary and secondary data is maximised through online and offline reporting and analysis.

Customer and Brand Experiences

Big Village’s Customer Experience and Brand experts help our clients drive business success by integrating brand health (awareness and positioning) and customer experience (acquisition and retention) to help maximise customer lifetime value.

Methodologies & Statistical Techniques

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

Big Village remains one of the few agencies that has a call centre. For any telephone interviewing needs Big Village has a 60-seat call centre (remote and in office) to carry out any telephone interviewing as required. This ensures that our projects retain the high level of quality and rigour we expect.

Face-to-Face Interviewing

Big Village has a face-to-face field force in each capital city of Australia for those unique times that in person surveying is needed.

Qualitative Research Facilities

Big Village has expertise in carrying out qualitative research whether that be focus groups, AGILE workshops or depth interviews which can be carried out in our offices which has a dedicated viewing room for clients, or it can be via phone or video conference depending on your needs.


Big Village has our own online secure survey platform hosted in Australia but also we are able to program surveys in partner software

Statistical Techniques

Big Village provides a raft of statistical and analytical support such as:

  • Design, consultation and deployment of complex sample design for cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys
  • Application of advanced methods of data preparation and analysis to different types of survey data
  • Reliability and validity analysis for the development and testing of survey questionnaires
  • Segmentations for employees, customers and consumers
  • Choice modelling
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Developing and presenting tailored training in statistical methods.

Digital Hives Online Communities

Online communities that tap into the emotional insights needed for authentic customer relationships and organic brand growth.

  • Snapshot Hives
    Host a 1 or 3 Day Digital Hive for rapid feedback from a broad cross-section of consumers, going from request to report in as little as 5 or 10 days.
  • Immersion Hives
    Go deeper on a particular topic with your target consumers for 5-7 days, going from request to report in as little as 15 days.
  • Hive Series
    Check-in with your target segment over time on evolving projects, being able to pop up anytime, 2-4x per year.
  • Always On Hives
    Engage with your audience for 6 months, a year, or more to get an ongoing perspective on the “voice of the consumer” via quantitative and qualitative research on demand.

Meet the Team

Wendy McInnes
Director, Insights
Colin Ireland
Director, Winning Workplaces
Paula Sisco
Director, Project Delivery
Kylie Miller
Director, Government & Social Research
Shannon Coughlin
Executive Director, Research
Phil Hughes
Head of Statistical Consulting

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