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Balihoo Reduces Cost-Per-Reservation by 40% for Pet Boarding Client


EMX’s Balihoo was approached by a pet boarding company hoping to expand their digital media channels to scale their consumer initiatives and increase reservation numbers. Their team sought better visibility, more conversions and stronger network engagement.  

The client had already put their search and social tactics to test on Facebook. Unfortunately, it hadn’t performed up to their campaigns did not meet their goal, so they decided to change their marketing approach and utilize EMX’s Balihoo platform.


To tailor our approach and get the best results for this client, EMX’s Balihoo team needed to find efficient overlapping targets with their core audience. To do this, we used Facebook’s Insights tool—a resource that revealed some key insights data to push the initiative forward. Taking the learnings ascertained from Facebook Insights, we were able to create targeting specifications that closely aligned with the customer’s core values and interpretation of their customer base, paving the way for an improved campaign strategy.

We then utilized our platform proprietary Balihoo platform which offered the perfect solution to deliver localized messaging at scale and with ease. By utilizing our proprietary Balihoo platform, we —outlineding a plan for success that allowed us to create customized copy for over 200 locations.


EMX’s Balihoo team successfully reduced their cost-per-reservation by a remarkable 40% while significantly expanding their Facebook ad platform presence to drive nearly double the range of locations.

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