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We united a company with a marketplace of revenue.

Chegg is the leading student-first connected learning platform, engaging millions of Millennial and Gen Z users with educational content.

Chegg was looking for a way to increase competition amongst all of their demand partners within their complex client-side header bidding wrapper. They needed a solution that would ignite revenue without increasing load times.

We worked with Chegg to integrate BiddR Connect into their current header bidding wrapper.

Direct Demand: Chegg now has direct access to EMX’s premium demand of Fortune 500 brands and leading agencies—with fewer middlemen and fees.

Increased Competition: With direct access, Chegg now experiences fast response rates, high bid competition, and high fill rates—driving revenue and increased CPMs.

Reduced Latency: With fast response rates, Chegg has reduced their latency to create a more positive user experience with decreased load times.

The Results:

BiddR Connect exceeded expectations.

  • Revenue increased
  • Improved UX with decreased latency
  • Increase in overall bid competition
“EMX is one of the top demand partners that we currently run in our ad stack. The response time is quick and the average CPMs we see are high. We’re extremely happy with the performance of EMX.”
Iana Feliciano, Programmatic Revenue Analyst, Chegg