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We revitalized a CPG with precision targeting.

A CPG brand was looking to drive revenue in an over saturated marketplace.

They needed a solution that would build their reputation and keep them top-of-mind amongst consumers already shopping at retail locations selling their product.

We collaborated with the CPG brand’s advertising agency to develop a tactical execution and distribution strategy based around video ad formats.

Actionable Data:

We worked with the CPG brand to collect audience, behavioral, and contextual data to construct a message that aligned with the beliefs of their target audience. The CPG brand now connects as more than useful a product, but a brand that consumers can connect to and build their identity around.
Location Targeting:

We worked with third-party partners, like Foursquare, to implement our location based targeting offering, Pinpoint. The CPG brand’s message is now precisely delivered—only reaching consumers shopping at retail locations that sell the brand’s products.
Optimized Inventory:

We worked with the CPG brand to leverage our proprietary post-deterministic decisioning technology. They can now be positive their reputation is secure with brand safe, high viewability, non-fraudulent, and fully-qualified inventory.

With the right message reaching the right people at the right time, the CPG brand can build their reputation, stay top-of-mind, and drive maximum ROI.

EMX toppled expectations:


increase in overall brand interactions


Exceeded benchmark VCR by 10%


Surpassed benchmark viewability by 10%.