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EMX helps DreamBone® break into market & raise brand awareness.

DreamBone® brand, a rawhide alternative dog chew brand, partnered with EMX by Big Village to help drive brand awareness for their dog chews. They were up against some big competitors and needed a way to stand out in the market.

With our insights before media approach, EMX helped DreamBone to first define, then scale and target their custom audience resulting in 2 million impressions and a 99% video completion rate across a 5-month campaign.

The Challenge

DreamBone brand recognized that in order to stand out from the competition, they needed a better understanding of what the market looks like. The current dog chew market is busy yet unchartered, showing a significant opportunity to lead the category with improved brand recognition and association.

The DreamBone team approached EMX by Big Village because they were looking for help with market research, audience building, targeting, reporting and measurement. They were impressed with our proven track record in our award-winning capabilities. Together, we developed a comprehensive plan that helped the DreamBone team better understand their target market, build and target a more engaged audience and improve brand awareness.

Our Process

EMX first used its interactive online community, Digital Hives, to gain an in-depth understanding of the DreamBone brand’s niche demographic. This primary research provided DreamBone with an exclusive look into the mindset of their market’s consumer, including their emotional mindsets toward pets, what drives their purchasing habits, which brands stick out and which are the ones that end with a purchase, and word associations for DreamBone products. This comprehensive research allowed EMX to build an accurate audience for the DreamBone team that would garner the most impact for their campaign.

EMX leveraged its custom audience solutions to target dog owners and other relevant audiences that extended reach to other pet owners and Walmart shoppers. The campaign ran against a premium allow list which our team reviewed on a weekly basis, vetting each app to ensure that DreamBone messaging appeared on the most relevant apps and content.

Performance was measured daily throughout the flight of the campaign to provide the client with a transparent, detailed report of how, when and where their campaign ran to better fuel current and future campaigns.

The Project’s Impact

By being able to interact and engage with consumers utilizing the Hives platform, the DreamBone team was able to gain a deep and authentic understanding of dog owners’ TV consumption habits. EMX helped the client to better understand how dog owners consume TV content with insights into when they are watching TV, what type of content they are watching, and how long they are spending on each channel.

EMX found that the majority of the DreamBone audience is watching CTV with 41% consuming CTV exclusively. This information allowed the DreamBone team to make better-informed decisions about their CTV campaign strategy.

Extensive Post-Campaign Impact Reporting

EMX provided the DreamBone team with an extensive post-campaign impact report detailing their campaign’s reach, frequency and a show-level analysis showing where and how their ad had the most impact. With a near perfect video completion rate of 99%, EMX’s targeting capabilities successfully reached 2 million impressions for the DreamBone brand over the course of their 5-month campaign. We saw strong performance across the demographic, contextual, and behavioral targeting. The CTV investment saw a low amount of waste reach per household acquisitions at about 2 ads per household seen.

Our report dives into vivid detail providing the DreamBone team the exact times of day that their ad saw its strongest performance, which devices were most effective in reach, and which domains and categories garnered the most impact. For this campaign, 7am-12pm and 4- 6pm were when we saw higher video completion rates, ranking highest on Set Top Box devices. The greatest impression allocations were seen on fuboTV, 31% of the overall impressions, and on Entertainment and Sports applications such as E Network, Bravo, VH1, NBA and NFL.

EMX successfully helped the DreamBone brand expand brand awareness in a market that shows room for growth and exposure. They use EMX’s detailed impact measurement report to strategize for current and future media campaigns, ensuring their media dollars are being spent in the right place, at the right time, and for the right audience.

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