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Enabling Growth Through Key Market Segments

A leading global handset manufacturer set out to penetrate the US market and was looking for help on how to best execute their strategy. The brand was historically successful with young adults and saw the opportunity to extend the audience beyond the young adult market.

What we did:

Big Village assisted the manufacturer through this journey by first helping them segment and prioritize high-potential market segments by leveraging needs, expectations, and requirements. Big Village created an approach that blended two custom segmentations and followed this with a Digital Hives Community for persona development

Once the segments had been defined and prioritized, Big Village onboarded them to Audience Intelligence, our proprietary market/media intelligence platform, to unlock additional insights on each segment that the manufacturer’s brand team and agency could leverage to plan and execute campaigns designed to drive segment interest in their products.

Next, the segments were onboarded to several different media platforms, including Big Village’s in house platform (EMX), where digital and social campaigns could be activated against the segments. Finally, Big Village mapped the segments to the manufacturer’s CRM in order to enable measurement and optimization of the campaigns.

The result:

Through these successful integrations, the organization was able to build and measure marketing initiatives targeted at key segments they had prioritized for growth. This study enabled the evolution of the brand within a broader market and identified segments of the new market where the brand had the best chance of success from a positioning and product standpoint.