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We gave a media giant the tools to grow even bigger.

Forum Communications is a leading media company, with over 30 news sites and several television stations.

As Forum grew, adjustments to their digital advertising strategy became more complex. This forced a larger dependence on developers, slowing down revenue. Forum wanted to take full control and re-ignite revenue growth.

The Solution

Full Visibility

We worked with Forum to customize their BiddR°360 Reporting Dashboard, putting their most important metrics all in one place. Forum can now measure bid response rate, win rate, fill rate, execution time, CPM, overall revenue and more, so they can easily decide which advertisers to prioritize.

Full Control

We worked with Forum to craft a strategy around their data.

Forum can now use BiddR°360’s intuitive design to create custom timeouts for optimal bidding levels. They can apply BiddR°360’s click-and-drag Control Center features to customize their header bidding stack and make real-time strategy improvements—without depending on developers and coders.

With full visibility and control of their header bidding solution, Forum can quickly customize their experience to create in-the-moment strategies and maximize revenue.

Hybrid Auctions

We worked with Forum to implement both Client and Server Side auctions. Forum is now using a hybrid model for header bidding, helping to maximize yield across all partners, while reducing latency by over 10%.

With full visibility and control, as well as a hybrid header bidding solution, Forum can make informed, real-time edits to their bidding stack, reduce latency, and drive maximum revenue.

The Results

BiddR°360 triumphed over expectations with:


increase increase in all CPMs


increase in response rate


increase in overall revenue


decrease in latency