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Multi-discipline Collaboration Unlocks Opportunities

A financial services non-profit was looking to build awareness of its brand and offerings.

Providing services to small business owners who have been under-served by traditional financing opportunities—such as people of color, Hispanics, and women—they wanted to expand awareness and usage of its services in select cities in the US.

Big Village partnered with this client to:


Execute research that provided a better understanding of opportunities and challenges impacting the targeted small business owners and what is most important to them as they grow their business


Create customer acquisition and marketing tools based on the research insights


Create and execute a customer acquisition media plan focused on display

Our Process

A core team stayed involved throughout the project, providing consistency for the client, and ensuring relevant knowledge sharing between phases.

Our Insights team conducted in-depth one-on-one interviews with small business owners in the target markets. We learned what obstacles (perceived and actual) minority-owned small businesses face and what they value most. We used this information to identify opportunities for our clients.

Big Village’s Agency team took the learnings and developed a digital ad campaign aimed at increasing awareness of both our client’s brand and the services they offer.

The digital ads were launched in the target markets via EMX by Big Village. EMX used its suite of tools to monitor ad performance and optimize ad placement throughout the flight schedule.

The Outcome

The insights from the in-depth interviews confirmed some assumptions our client had, but it also uncovered new issues that our client was unaware of. Building a profile with a nuanced perspective of their potential customers, supported by research, was an important element of the process to set our client up for success and grow their client base.
Our client experienced greater engagement with their website, including interest in loans and financial seminars compared with prior results.
Big Village continues to work with this client to grow its media plans and expand into new markets on several short-term and long-term initiatives. These initiatives include brand building efforts, developing the optimal media mix within key markets, and more broadly, scaling their success in specific markets.

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