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Uncovering Insights & Activating Segments With Audience Intelligence

A renowned financial services company wanted to reach its primary demographic—investors with a set of values in line with the firm’s faith-based mission. However, it was proving difficult for them to communicate effectively with this particular audience. Big Village assisted the firm in improving its target audience.

What we did:

First, a sample of investors who fit the requirements of the segment was curated using primary research. Once qualified, the segment was then onboarded to Audience Intelligence, Big Village’s proprietary market/media intelligence platform, to unlock additional insights the firm and its agency could leverage to plan and execute campaigns for the new service. Next, the segments were onboarded to several different media platforms, including Big Village’s in-house platform (EMX), where digital and social campaigns could be activated against the segments. Finally, Big Village monitored the success with which these campaigns were reaching the segments with ongoing tracking.

The result:

Post-hoc analysis revealed nearly a 10% improvement in the targeting over the first 6 months of the campaign. This result was significant, and it reinforced the efficacy of Big Village’s approach in helping the client reach their target audience. The collaboration model that emerged from these efforts allowed for a deeper understanding of customers and strategic accounts and a more targeted approach to communication.