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Do Not Sell My Personal Information

The California Consumer Privacy Act provides California consumers with certain rights. These include the right to opt out from the sale of personal information. EMX transfers data pursuant to serving advertisements via our platform. EMX respects your right to opt out of having personal information transferred to another company. If you would like us not to transfer your personal information to other parties, please use either the cookie opt-out or the IP opt-out below.

Cookie Opt Out

If you click the Do Not Sell link below, EMX will place an opt-out cookie on your browser that tells our systems not to transfer your personal information to third parties. Please note that if you choose to delete your cookies or use a different browser or different device, you will need to renew your opt-out choice. This cookie opt-out is effective only for the browser you are currently using. Please also note that while our opt-out cookie stops our transfer of your personal information to third parties, you may still see an untargeted advertisement provided by us that isn’t tailored to your interests.

Do Not Sell


IP Opt Out

If you provide us with your IP address, you will be added to a blocklist we maintain, and we will not transfer data we receive from your IP address to others or use it to serve advertisements to you.

Please note that only the IP addresses which you submit will be added to our blocklist. If you use multiple IP addresses to browse content on the internet, please submit all of the IP addresses for which you would like us to stop handling your data. Please also note that your internet service provider may, from time to time, change your IP address. If your internet service provider changes your IP address, any IP opt-out you’ve made with us will no longer be effective, and you will need to submit your new IP address to us if you want to maintain your IP address in our blocklist.

Please submit any IP addresses in the format x.x.x.x, where each x is a value between 0 and 255. For example:

CCPA IP Opt-Out Form

An IPv4 address is formatted as follows: x.x.x.x, where each “x” may be any value between 0 and 255. For example, is a valid IPv4 address.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.