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EMX is the #1 Premium SSP (Supply-Side Platform)

EMX is raising the bar with a higher composition of premium publisher direct inventory than other leading SSPs.

Higher standards  |  Inventory quality |  Truth |  Transparency |  Integrity
  • EMX is the #1 Top SSP for Premium Publisher Controlled Inventory
  • EMX is among the lowest Multi-Hop, Cheap Reach Suppliers and made for Advertising
  • EMX supply over-indexes 2.2X for the top 50 publishers that receive the Jounce Media  Stamp of Approval vs. other exchanges

Why This Matters:

When you access inventory from the EMX supply-side platform, you have 100% confidence that your dollars are being spent on high quality supply built to perform to clients’ objectives without compromising scale.

EMX is the #1 Premium Supply-Side Platform with the highest composition of premium direct supply among leading generalist omnichannel media web exchanges*.

Insights from Jounce Media Supply Analysis

EMX’s premium PMPs scored and certified by Jounce Media promote more transparency, making it easy for buyers to activate the highest quality, publisher direct inventory at scale.

For more information, reference the Jounce Media report.

Quality matters.

There are 50 web publishers that get the Jounce stamp of approval (Hearst, DotDash, Ziff, etc).

EMX supply over-indexes 2.2X for these 50 publishers vs. other exchanges.

And quality drives effectiveness.

Direct paths to those 50 publishers demonstrate a 25% lift in campaign conversion rates.

EMX offers a premium PMP with these publishers.

Activate EMX Premium PMP Certified by Jounce Media.

*Source: Jounce Media May 2022, excluding “native advertising” exchanges.

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