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Programmatic Advertising Solutions for Buyers

EMX by Big Village is a Leading global, independent supply source and the programmatic advertising gateway for ad buying on CTV, video, and display across all screens and devices.

Leverage over 1,400 content partners and publishers with global scale

Enhance your ability to access premium supply at scale with speed, efficiency and transparency through direct supply paths to 1,400+ publishers & content partners with fewer intermediaries.

With a fraud-free guarantee, EMX supply (RTBx) ensures more media dollars go toward media, period.

EMX is the #1 Premium SSP

EMX is the #1 Premium SSP with the highest composition of premium direct inventory among leading omnichannel generalist exchanges. With a fraud-free guarantee, EMX supply (RTBx) ensures more media dollars go toward media, period.

Monthly requests:

  • Total: 790 Billion
  • CTV: 140 Billion
  • Display Desktop: 235 Billion
  • Display Mobile Web: 160 Billion
  • Display Mobile App: 105 Billion
  • Desktop Video: 80 Billion
  • Mobile Web Video: 65 Billion
  • Mobile App Video: 5 Billion

EMX gives buyers a clear advantage.

Premium, Direct Supply

EMX is a market leading, global omni-channel supply platform that enables brands to connect with the right audiences at scale in CTV, video, display and mobile across all devices and screens.

Full Transparency

EMX is the industry’s first fully transparent SSP, offering pricing visibility, granular reporting, and industry-first log-level data — setting higher standards for all.

Patented Exchange Technology

Our fully owned, patented exchange technology is designed and built for 5G and the next generation of TV, CTV, and omni-channel advertising.

Cookieless Data Solutions

EMX’s data platform provides 1st party data solutions built for CTV and a post-cookie world.

EMX Supply (RTBx)

Access premium direct supply across all formats and platforms — with access to local inventory.

Direct supply path

Secure clean & direct supply
  • #1 Premium SSP with highest composition of premium direct publishers
  • Ads.txt & Sellers.json compliant
  • 238k publisher domains
  • 100% viewable CTV inventory
  • TAG certified

Patented SPO technology

Optimize supply routes with speed & efficiency
  • Dynamic advertising routing
  • Increased auction efficiency
  • Reduced latency
  • Enhanced performance

Transparency + cost efficiency

Eliminate waste. Lower costs.
  • Transparent bid parameters
  • Log level data reporting
  • No additional media fees

EMX Marketplaces

Open Market Solutions (OpenRTB)

Access EMX’s Real-Time Bidding at competitive market pricing in a brand safe, secure, and equitable market platform.

Private Marketplaces (PMPs)

Transact in a secure, transparent, and trusted protocol — driving efficiency and results with Deal ID across all media.

Data-Connected PMP (DCPMP)

Connect designated audience segments (Big Village 1st party data, custom and pre-built audiences, as well as your data) on EMX publisher supply with a Deal ID to find your niche audience.

Custom Marketplaces (CMP)

Create flexible and agile controls to fit specific business needs with white label solutions such as fee or media pricing transparency, sell-side audience data, and media campaign guarantees. No Deal ID is required for unique attributes between media buyers and publishers on the EMX platform. For Example: Viewability Guarantee, CPCV Marketplace

Reporting & Analytics

Deepen your understanding of campaigns and streamline data with advanced reporting and analytics tools. Big Village provides the data and insights to help you optimize, out-perform, and plan future media strategies.

Streamline linear and CTV reach

Gain a deeper understanding of your cost per incremental reach through dynamic reporting and analytics
  • Measure TV reach across linear & CTV
  • Gain understanding & cost analysis
  • Optimize reach & media for ROI
  • Fuel buying strategies

Exchange BI programmatic supply chain log-level data dashboard​

Exchange BI is our proprietary online portal with dashboard reporting and campaign management. EMX provides the data and insights — including industry-first log-level data access — to help you optimize along the campaign lifecycle, outperform benchmarks, and plan future media strategies.
  • Provides unprecedented pricing and fee transparency through our first to market log-level data audit dashboard
  • Delivers visibility into inventory buying and bidding transaction data including charge price (CP) and passed bid (PB) price​
  • Gives insight into how efficient bids perform at auction and with end publishers​
  • Updated in real-time providing comparable day-over-day or month-over-month analysis
  • Utilized by major agency holding companies

EMX Media Solutions

Leaders in premium, brand-safe omni-channel media.

Connect with the audiences you want — everywhere they are — with the highest quality, brand-safe, addressable, cross-channel media. With the EMX by Big Village fraud-free guarantee, we ensure your media investment goes further and with zero waste.

CTV | Online Video | Display | Mobile | Search | Social | Direct Response | DOOH | Digital Audio | Native | Local

Connected TV (CTV)

The essential source for premium connected TV. We’re your one-stop shop to streamline a fragmented and complex landscape and make your investment in CTV go further.

Big Village Audiences

Connect to the audiences you need now. Utilizing Big Village 1st party data, reach your target audience with greater precision, accuracy and effectiveness, eliminating waste.

Impact Measurement

Understanding consumers is the foundation to driving successful media results. We provide a clear understanding of your media impact and effectiveness in reaching your consumers, leveraging proprietary analytics and Impact Measurement solutions including Incremental Reach Measurement, Household Reach and Frequency, Audience Insights and more.

Strengthened by Big Village Insights

Human understanding is in our DNA.

A full-service, insights business, with a long legacy in consumer research. By combining expertise in research & design, data & analytics, and scientific insights, we uncover the human truths that help you activate insight and accelerate growth.

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