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Sustainability & Green Media

Did You Know?

Advertising surprisingly produces a large carbon footprint, with most emissions coming from indirect, supply chain sources.

EMX Is On A Mission To Make Programmatic (And The World) Better. Get Higher Standards and Bottom-Line Results with EMX.


Make An Impact With Your Media Buy

EMX’s Direct and Efficient Tech Stack and Supply Paths Drive Better Results.

EMX is the leading premium direct SSP with a higher composition of premium direct supply than all other SSPs, as certified by Jounce Media. Our modern tech stack improves supply paths and creates efficiencies that reduce multiple hops and waste.

This means you get more of the direct and premium supply you want with better results. By eliminating unwanted, low-quality inventory and wasted impressions, we’re reducing carbon emissions and continue to enhance and optimize for these efficiencies in our exchange.

But we didn’t stop there. EMX is partnering with both Scope3 and AWS to further enhance our efforts to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Read more about the benefits of EMX’s #1 Premium direct supply path on media performance including the Jounce Media White Paper here.

EMX is Committed To a Sustainable Future

Fundamentally, EMX has built a more efficient tech stack and is the leading premium direct supply source, with higher standards and less waste, providing a more efficient way to buy media. Furthermore, EMX has two key initiatives that help measure and reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve those initiatives, we’re partnering with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Scope3.

Key EMX Initiatives To Reduce And Neutralize Carbon:

Reduce Our Own Carbon Footprint Through Efficient Technology

EMX reduced its carbon emissions by 91% this year on AWS by transitioning majority of EMX stack on AWS to renewable energy. EMX’s partnership with AWS, benefits from AWS’s sustainability goals and actions uses a high proportion of renewable energy. Read more here.

Enable Clients to Activate Green Media Products That Contribute to Carbon Offset

EMX has partnered with Scope3, the source of truth for digital supply chain carbon emissions data to bring the industry’s first Green Media Product to Open Exchange programmatic media buying. With EMX’s Green Media Product (GMP), Scope3 measures total emissions generated from the campaign and facilitates a compensation contribution towards a portfolio of high-quality carbon removal projects scientifically vetted and managed by the experts at Carbon Direct.


The EMX Green Media Product

EMX’s Green Media Product (GMP), powered by Scope3, allows media buyers to both measure and compensate for their carbon emissions by leveraging a portion of their media spend on carbon removal projects.
  • Measure the carbon footprint for every campaign
  • Neutralize carbon with a direct compensation

How EMX GMP Works


Activate EMX Green Media Product

CMP (Carbon Compensation) goes toward offsetting the carbon impact of delivering an ad.


Scope3 Measurement

Scope3 measures the carbon footprint and facilitates the cost contribution towards high-quality carbon removal projects scientifically vetted and managed by experts at Carbon Direct.


Make an Impact

The carbon compensation is facilitated through Carbon Direct, a 501c, who uses the contribution toward sustainable initiatives such as reforestation and biodiversity projects.


Activating EMX’s Green Media Product is as easy as 1-2-3

Where can i use the green media product?

  • Open Exchange Buying
  • PMP
  • EMX is the only partner who is currently able to measure carbon emissions and execute it via Open Exchange buying. GMP can be used with your normal targeting and data parameters without impacting your reach.


What media types can be used with emx’s green media product?

Media buyers can leverage our GMP with all traditional digital advertising media for Video and Display across desktop and mobile devices. In the near future, buyers will also be able to use GMP with their CTV spend.


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