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Consumer Insights Hub

Brands have adopted customer panels, communities and DIY survey tools in order to meet their insights needs in an Agile environment. While these tools have streamlined the Insights function, they often require trade-offs between time, cost and quality that can reduce the ability to uncover truly meaningful insights. ​

Long Term Reach with Short Term Setup

The Problem

  • Length of time it takes to engage with your customers/prospects is prohibitive
  • Access to quality sample of the audiences you need to research
  • Delivering quality data & insights on your audience/targets overnight is tough
  • You need to meet the speed of demand, and maintain quality respondents
  • Integrated data and insights delivered with consultation in a compelling storyline

The Solution:

  • Agile research is most effective when managed through a dedicated platform – a Hub. Your research is connected and all in one place
  • Big Village’s Hub provides constant access to an audience that’s fast and trusted – without the DIY
  • The methodology is flexible – when you change, we change
  • Flexible & fast without giving up quality

Your dynamic all-in-one platform for cost-effective, agile, on-demand research​

  • Online FGS, IDIs and Ehtnography
  • Custom Short Term Digital Hives
  • Always on Communities
  • CARAVAN® Agile Surveys
  • Quantitative Ethnography
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Secondary Research

How It Works

Registration invites your customer list or to your specified audience via online respondent panels


Prospective panelists fill out a registration form with demographic, (your) segmentation and behavioral questions of interest. 


Upon entry, they are tagged as a registered member, and our Audience Intelligence platform integration seamlessly provides an overview of the panelists’ digital behaviors 


Your Big Village engagement experts ensure panelists are exactly who they say they are, are not overleveraged, are rewarded appropriately, and are maintained and refreshed to the highest of engagement standards
Panelists are available for any form of on-demand research, and you can opt to self-serve or have Big Village lean in, depending on the individual project needs


Go out to the entire panel with a quant survey or target particular panelists for IDIs, focus groups, online communities, and Digital Hives – all within hours


Interact directly with panelists, or elect to have Big Village moderate any qualitative project


Retainer-based pricing makes pivoting from audience to audience and methodology to methodology seamless and easy

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