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Ad Burnout? Not For Long 

September 15, 2021

Ad burnout is real. You’re binge watching your favorite show and the same commercial comes on over and over againAccording to Big Village’s recent MediaPulse survey, 90% of consumers report having seen an advertisement/commercial so many times that it became annoying to them.   

That’s not an ideal outcome for a brand or the consumer.  

In fact, over half consumers survey said they either changed the channel or muted the TV. Furthermore, over a third have talked negatively about the ad. And let’s be honest, that’s the last opposite of brand’s objectives.  

At Big Village we took a deep dive into why this oversaturation happens in the CTV space and explore ways we can make the ad experience better for everyone.  

The Old Model Is Flawed – And Here’s Why 

Most ad tech platforms are built to manage frequency using cookies to track exposures. Once a device is delivered an impression a cookie is dropped to help manage frequency by looking for that cookie again before delivering another ad. At its core, this is already a flawed methodology as cookies don’t translate between all browsers, move between a user’s device and cannot be leveraged in app environments, allowing the same user to map to multiple cookies. As a result, we tend to see higher overall frequencies per user.  

When we now look at a CTV environment, these old methodologies don’t translate since there isn’t a cookie to drop and track between exposures. Leaving ad tech platform with no way to use existing tech to support CTV. 

And Here’s How Big Village Fixed It  

Big Village’s tech stack was purpose built for CTV and never had dependencies on cookies. The Big Village Device Graph+ uses our proprietary data sources to track every ad exposure back to a household identifier. Meaning Big Village is able to use realtime signals within the bid stream to track to an entire household, including all digital devices and across any digital media channels we run media against.   

Household Frequency Management+ is Big Village’s cookieless targeting solution to analyze omnichannel media delivery, allowing all campaign exposures to be enabled for optimal frequency management.  

  • No more silo’ed tracking that creates inflated frequencies 
  • No more need to wait til the end of a campaign to understand frequency 
  • New targeting strategies that allow for greater reach and scale 
  • Create unique and customizable exposure triggers to drive users to lower funnel channels  

Click here to see the full results of Big Village’s August Media Pulse Report 


Written by Kati Konstantaras, Vice President, Strategy and Product at EMX.