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At EMX, the Future Is NOW

March 29, 2021

Ready for a Cookieless World

Over the last few weeks, the number of articles, blog posts, and seminars about the demise of 3rd party cookies and the need for ad tech companies to pivot to other solutions is staggering. At EMX we have also been focused on how to address the new challenges in market and are looking to support initiatives that promote consumer privacy and have been candidly sharing our strategy with clients and partners. Our strategy is three-pronged:

  • Focus on CTV – a new frontier for programmatic advertising as well as an entirely cookieless environment.
  • Participate & Partner – EMX belongs to several industry organizations and we have active partnerships with other companies in our space who address the challenges presented by changes to privacy legislation.
  • Watch & Respond – closely monitor industry developments and legislation changes so that EMX can respond quickly to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

As far as technology goes, many ad tech companies are scrambling to adapt to the new world. They are retrofitting legacy systems, redecorating marketing pitches, and posturing to seem flexible, privacy compliant, less dependent on cookies, and ready for the future.

If our products were built upon decades-old legacy systems, we’d be scrambling to adapt, too.

But at EMX the future is already here. While others are bracing for the cookieless future, EMX has already arrived. Here are four examples.

1. Our ad exchange already supports extended Identifiers (eids) through the User object in the OpenRTB protocol. This means that publishers can send encrypted identifiers of any kind to the DSPs integrated with our exchange. And DSPs can transact through EMX using virtually any identifier supported by publishers. We have been monitoring the data that has been passing through the exchange to understand the types of identifiers being used and the frequency which they occur. Our system is agnostic, designed to complement and work seamlessly with current and future industry leading solutions. Today, we are already seeing at least four identifiers flowing through EIDs and are prepared to integrate and partner with others as the market evolves.

2. We recently launched EMX Device Graph+ which expands our cookieless offering with a full suite of targeting, measurement and attribution solutions for CTV and omnichannel media allowing for integrated planning and buying across CTV, mobile, display and video environments. EMX Device Graph+ combines proprietary data from EMX and Big Village Insights with multiple data partners across automatic content recognition (ACR), cross-device data, location-based attribution partners, identity resolution providers and brand first party data. Unlike other “one size fits all” solutions, EMX Device Graph+ offers the flexibility to tailor solutions and drive innovation—providing flexibility and agility to adapt to clients’ needs and leverage on demand data sources.

3. PMP’s that work! Our Omni-Channel, Data Connected PMP product and audience builder is entirely cookieless, leveraging our Big Village Audiences cookieless audience solution. That means we can reach the right audience for campaigns across CTV, online video, and display without relying on cookies, delivering scale and precision through EMX direct supply, even across tight DMA’s and niche audiences We offer data application in our SSP with precise device, inventory and pricing information pre-flight ensuring delivery and ease for media buyers.

4. Our business has focused on being a market leader in CTV, a cookieless environment, and we are already reaping rewards. Just this week, EMX’s CTV Incremental Reach Impact Measurement Solution won Product of the Year in the Best Advertising, Subscriber and Enterprise Technology category at the Tech Leadership Awards after being recognized as top 2020 Programmatic Player by AdExchanger for our innovations and success in CTV and Omni-Channel media.

At EMX, we will continue to innovate to solve the critical issues our clients are facing as the industry continues to evolve – participating in key industry groups, watching, responding and leading with CTV and data-driven media solutions.


Written by Michael Zacharski , CEO of EMX.