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Big Village Leads the Way in Cookieless Future

April 7, 2021

Cookieless Solutions for Demand Side Partners

cookieless world awaits us, but don’t hit the panic button just yet! EMX by Big Village is leading the way with a commitment to our Demand Side Partners and the media buying community. We are setting higher standards and driving bottom line results with cookieless solutions purpose-built for the future of the programmatic landscape and the ability to work with your identifier of choice.

By leveraging our fully owned, independent SSP, exchange technology and data platform, wempower our demand partners to outperform in the present and win in the future. Powered by a solutions-oriented mindset, EMX has been hard at work, developing next generation technology to deliver the data buyers need for precision targeting and campaign measurement in a cookieless world.

Our leadership in CTV sets us apart from other SSPs because we built a future-proof exchange to transact identifiers with the flexibility and agility to adopt identifiers to suit your business needs. As a leader in CTV, Big Village has developed and successfully implemented CTV-first solutions, which are not reliant on cookies. We continue to partner with organizations like IABPreBid, and SWAN to build best-in-class solutions to help shape the future of identity and are testing solutions like Floc to be ready for whatever faces us tomorrow.

Take our EMX Device Graph+, for example, which capitalizes on our success in CTV. A multi-tier proprietary solution, EMX Device Graph+ empowers our partners by identifying attributes of a household to provide a holistic view, allowing for targeting and measurement across multiple devices.


The Agnostic Gateway to Identifiers  

EMX is focused on addressing the new challenges in market and supporting initiatives that promote consumer privacy and identity solutions for the advertising ecosystem.

We support and are technically ready to expand our ecosystem with identifiers such as UID2, ID5, Britepool, IDL, Lotame’s Panarama and others in a custom object in the RTB protocol to provide demand side platforms and provide an agnostic gateway with publishers.

We will continue to look towards supporting all solutions that protect consumer privacy and address our partners’ needs.

Because EMX Device Graph+ is built with the ability to integrate multiple identity partners, it provides a solution designed to unify demand side platforms and publishers across digital media omni-channels.  

Not only are we open to the input of our partners, we welcome you to send more identifiers through our pipes at EMX. We are committed to providing the flexibility and agility to serve our clients’ needs and adapt with the market.  

We’re always oiling Big Village to provide the fastest, most agile solutions for tomorrow’s evolving digital landscape.


Written by Joy Cavanagh Ross, SVP, Global Strategy and Partnerships at EMX.