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Building a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem for a Cookieless Future

April 8, 2021
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The Land of Plenty in The Digital Ecosystem

As I recently pondered the future of the internet, images from the eighties flashed through my mind. For those who were not yet inhabiting this great planet, I’ll clue you in. The bigger the better was the driving ideology Big hair, greed, consumption, and a pervasive obsession with materialism dominated the eighties. Landfills were piling high, AquaNet depleted the ozone layer, and little thought was given to the future of our planet.  

Fast forward to the twenty first century, and sustainability is all the buzz. We’ve observed a seismic shift in attitude, accountability and, by all appearances, an understanding of the consequences of our habits and lifestyle.   

Yet, we had just arrived in a new land of plenty. Suddenly, the world was literally at our fingertips. Instant gratification delivered by means of the information superhighwaynext day shipping and on-demand digital entertainmentEverything we need today. But what about tomorrow?  


As an Industry, We Need to Create a Sustainable Model for The Open Internet

After years of enjoying the benefits of a “free internet,” consumers have become wary of advertisers and the methods they employ to keep the digital world turningWe didn’t need a crystal ball to see this comingyet we are an industry largely unprepared for the meteor that is coming straight for the world wide web. 

We know well that if online advertising were to implode, the web and its “free services” would become accessible only to those who could afford them. Which begs the question, “How can we create a sustainable model for the digital system which continues to provide the benefits we have grown accustomed to – content rich information, education, entertainment, and consumer goods with equitable access?” 


Big Village Passes Inspection – IAB Invites Stakeholders to Weigh In

At EMX by Big Village, we’ve been ahead of the game in talking about how to change the trajectory of that ominous meteor, reconfiguring sustainable digital ecosystem guided by principles which honor consumer privacy, a free market, and equality. Our Open RTB specifications are transformational and already surpass the IAB’s Project Rearc expectations for standards. The EMX platform allows for competition and distribution of market share, while addressing privacy concerns, and in doing so, protects our most valuable assets – our partners, and your customers. 


Join Us and Make Your Voice Heard!

Now, it’s your turn to weigh in. IAB has set forth principles to guide us into the future with “Project Rearc,” and has asked the industry for feedback by the end of this week.  

Please take a moment to provide your input on the critical issues impacting the future of our industryTo review the proposed standard and provide feedback, please go to:



Written by Joy Cavanagh Ross, SVP, Global Strategy and Partnerships at EMX by Big Village.