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EMX CEO, Michael Zacharski, Makes His 2020 Industry Predictions

December 10, 2019

In the closing days of 2019, EMX and its CEO, Michael Zacharski, were featured in a number of 2020 prediction-oriented articles. Read more below:

MediaPost 11/29/19

ATV’s 2020 Outlook: Agency And Platform Execs Weigh In

“With the benefit of hindsight, programmatic platforms are keeping an eye on supply path optimization as they offer more online reach to OTT and CTV inventory — choosing to source directly from the beginning rather than recreating the tiramisu of inventory layers that came to exist in digital video and display formats. Private marketplaces remain a key buying tactic for OTT and CTV to help ensure brand safety and direct-supply sourcing. As a result, the biggest and most well-known content providers are benefiting the most from growth of OTT and CTV spending. It will take some time before the mid and long tail of OTT/CTV content suppliers feel the full fire hose of spend that this channel promises.” — Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX 


Cynopsis Media 12/16/19

Media Tech Update: Predictions for 2020

“The growing availability of traditional media in digital buying platforms, coupled with location-based attribution and geo-fencing, is emulsifying what once was the oil and water of traditional and digital media. The increased ability to collaborate across more interconnected teams and to plan, deploy and measure traditional and mixed media formats (DOOH, Audio and CTV/OTT) within the same platforms as video, display, search and social is allowing for a fresh wave of holistic thinking around media planning.” – Michael Zacharski, CEO of EMX


MediaPost 12/20/19

2020 Media-Publishing Predictions: Privacy, CPMs And Cultivating Connections

“There are always competing forces at work, some of which will work to push CPMs up for publishers in 2020 and others which will work to push them down. CPMs should benefit from the significant efforts undertaken to improve supply path optimization (SPO) – including Sellers.Json, ads.txt and the growing realization by media buyers that lower prices do not necessarily result in better quality inventory and may, in fact, detract from a ‘cleaner’ ad stream.”

Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX


ExchangeWire 12/18/19

Predictions 2020: The Rise of Contextual Advertising

Location and context as guiding principles

In 2020, we will see a ‘re-rise’ of contextual targeting, with location and context as the guiding principles of ad campaigns. With regulations like GDPR and CCPA top of mind for advertising, brands will move toward probabilistic versus deterministic targeting because it doesn’t require the same level of insights. Contextual advertising helps a brand understand what a consumer might like without needing personally identifiable information. For example, if a consumer reads an article about nature, an advertiser can assume that they might be receptive to an ad relating to the outdoors. Michael Zacharski, CEO, EMX