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EMX Reintroduces Local Marketing at Scale for Paid Search and Social with New Facebook Enhancements

August 12, 2022

When you think of EMX, you probably think first of our award-winning SSP which offers premium supply to brands and agencies programmatically.

But did you know that EMX also offers local marketing for search and social at scale? The EMX Local Marketing Cloud (LMC) is a fully automated platform built specifically for brands with large networks of brick-and-mortar retail locations. Some LMC clients use the platform on a self-service basis via an easy-to-use campaign management interface supported by a daily ingestion of business location data. Other clients let the EMX Managed Service team do the heavy lifting. Either way, if your company needs localized advertising with consistent messaging at scale, EMX has the solution.

Throughout 2022, EMX has invested heavily in the LMC’s integration with Facebook and Instagram, bringing it to par with the platform’s robust integrations with Google Ads and Bing.


Here are just a few of the recent improvements to the LMC’s Facebook and Instagram capabilities:

Location-specific linking

Now, Facebook ads can link directly to localized pages so consumers can easily connect with the nearest business location.

Creative upload improvement

We overhauled and streamlined the creative upload process for Facebook ads in the LMC to expedite campaign launches.

Ad level reporting

We added a new ad-level report to the LMC’s reporting suite so that our advertisers can easily assess relative ad performance and make optimizations.

Support for remarketing lists

The LMC now supports Facebook remarketing lists to drive continued consumer engagement with your brand.

Additional targeting options

LMC clients can now leverage several new Facebook targeting options, including landing page views, link clicks, daily unique reach, and native targeting.

New Ad Types

The LMC now supports all the major ad types for Facebook and Instagram, including video and carousel ads as well as standard newsfeed ads.

Automated Ad Mapping

This new LMC feature enables our advertisers to run multiple ads at the campaign level with unique, localized messaging at scale.

Automated website event tracking at ad level

We’ve streamlined the process of placing ad-level pixels to streamline expedite multi-location campaign launches.


If you would like to learn more about the Local Marketing Cloud and what’s on the horizon, please contact us for a demo. You’ll be glad you did.