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Examining Today’s Video Advertising Challenges

September 12, 2019

Why Publishers and Marketers Need a Holistic Video Solution

Focus on transparency is at the forefront of today’s advertising industry. The barriers between buyers and sellers have multiplied in recent years, as more vendors became involved in the transaction of media dollars. While these vendors are necessary for data, targeting, safety, delivery, and many other purposes — they’ve also contributed to a lack of insight into how media budget is allocated and how auctions are executed.

These issues are clear in the video advertising space, with publishers balancing a mix of fragmented solutions that contribute to missed revenue opportunities and poor user experience. The lack of a holistic solution has kept publishers from fully realizing the worth of their video content, and has plagued the buy-side as well. Today’s advertisers struggle to identify and target relevant video inventory and need a more unified solution to easily report back on overall programmatic video efforts.

EMX has put a focus on solving the challenges related to video, most recently launching a video solution for publishers in early 2018. Our core goal was to ensure we could deliver as a premier partner for publishers while connecting our direct advertisers with brand-safe inventory at scale.

Today, EMX is partnering with JW Player to further that goal, and provide publishers with a seamless solution to connect with premium advertisers through Video Player Bidding. The expansion of JW’s Video Player Bidding solution allows publishers to capitalize on the full benefits of client-side header bidding directly within the video player. With the incorporation of additional demand sources, publishers can fully maximize the value of their video content while streamlining their setups.

In addition to the clear benefits for publishers, Video Player Bidding also provides distinct benefits to advertisers. With direct, on-page client-side connection to video players, EMX is able to validate a range of metrics to ensure that inventory is aligned with advertiser goals — such as player size, completion rates, location, and more.

Our participation in this program allows us to continue to provide publishers with advanced monetization solutions to grow revenue responsibly and will empower our advertiser partners with greater insight into inventory performance. By creating a real-time feedback loop between our directly-integrated publishers and our advertising partners, EMX can continue to bridge the gap between both sides of our industry.

Through our partnership with JW Player, we will continue to provide our agency and brand partners with the most direct, transparent, and advantageous routes to publisher inventory — enabling both sides to benefit from this first-of-its-kind video solution.

Article written by Brian Weigel, COO, EMX