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Programmatic Video – Where Next?

June 25, 2020

Our perspective on the future of programmatic video.

The statement “video is growing” has become repetitive. Buyers and sellers know this and have adjusted their spends and inventory accordingly. But video vendors have yet to catch up — issues around transparency, efficiency, and performance are common place for exchanges, SSPs and DSPs.

These transparency and performance issues are the catalysts for agencies moving programmatic in-house and buyers demanding more self-serve reporting. But that’s not deterring advertiser interest in video and premium formats like Connected TV. It’s widely acknowledged that video is the best medium for advertisers to reach audiences, with 80% of consumer traffic predicted to be to video content by 2019. Publishers recognize the trend as well. As Michael Kuntz, Head of Ad Sales at USA Today, said at the Drum’s Video Futures event in May: “For the first time ever, we’re seeing programmatic CPMs for video rival our direct sales business.”

Despite that, the problems with programmatic video are prolific: inability to manage discrepancies across multiple vendors is one example that advertisers deal with across all formats. But closely monitoring performance is even more important for video buyers, who need to ensure the high CPMs they pay for premium placements are warranted with high viewability and completion rates. Without clear and accurate reporting, buyers have no assurance that their spend isn’t wasted on low-performing units or used for misleading tactics like fraudulent in-banner video.

Although many vendors have built offerings solely for video advertising, none have been able to truly combat video’s specific issues with transparency and performance. At EMX, we’ve kept a pulse on these issues, listening closely to our publisher and agency clients.

EMX was created to solve industry-wide challenges by combining leaders on both the buy and sell-side: bRealTime and Clearstream’s core focus has always been solving inefficiencies in the video market, optimizing the video buying process through proprietary verification and optimization technology. In contrast, bRealTime has been a leader in publisher monetization solutions for over 10 years, striving to create a fraud-free marketplace with full commitment to the Ads.txt initiative.

With these complementary companies, EMX is able to provide a mutually beneficial offering. Rather than rushing to launch a video solution, our teams have waited to ensure our solution would bring maximum benefit to the buy-side and sell-side alike.

EMX’s unified video marketplace is driven by greater proximity, transparency and control. With EMX’s direct publisher integrations, buyers have access to all of a publisher’s ad inventory, including direct-sold inventory not available on the open exchange. EMX not only optimizes the transaction process, but also leverages patented technology to enhance speed and allow buyers to capitalize on every bid opportunity. Our proprietary and third-party data gives buyers advanced targeting capabilities; so that they target only the users that are most relevant to each campaign. These efficiencies benefit the buy-side and sell-side alike, with publishers increasing competition for their video inventory amongst as many relevant, premium advertisers as possible.

We’ve also set baseline performance standards, ensuring our marketplace maintains a minimum 50% viewability for programmatic deals. Our dedicated Inventory Quality team monitors our marketplace for suspicious activity on a daily basis — in fact, our confidence in our standards allows us to offer a “no fraud guarantee;” meaning any buyer affected by fraud (verified by third-party verification vendors) receives a credit in the amount of affected inventory.

This video offering gives buyers and sellers the ability to leverage these benefits for all of their video inventory and campaigns — across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and Connected TV. Through EMX’s closed-loop solution, publishers and advertisers have one vendor to optimize and troubleshoot video across all formats, devices, audiences, deal types and more. EMX was created to solve industry-wide challenges for our supply and demand partners through direct connections. Now, we’ve leveraged these connections to create a video offering that we believe addresses the current market’s problems head on.