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Driving Brand Awareness and Affinity

A consumer durables company with an established, annual brand tracker needed to have a more regular measurement. Their existing study was not frequent enough to inform marketing execution. However they needed this more frequent measurement for less than they were spending on the annual study. Initially, they believed that DIY was the only way they could achieve this objective.

In this case, Big Village took a scrappy approach, stringing together some tech solutions to deliver data quickly to those who could take action. We developed a monthly research program that integrated with their marcomms planning cycle. As part of that integrated system, we instituted alerts to warn brand management of competitive threats and poor performing executions.

This alert system could also trigger on-demand quali-quant to deep dive into issues. This is important as one of the benefits of the proliferation of tools and technology is that they enhance our ability as researchers to iterate – to prioritize the key questions, get quick answers to those questions, and then asking the next set of questions, or perhaps a new set of questions based on what we learned. This building up of knowledge is much more impactful – the quality and usefulness of the insights are enhanced greatly, stakeholders learn as they go, making it easier for them to absorb the take-a-ways and add integrated consumer understanding into their regular decision making.

To drive the data into the decision-making process, all results are deployed to stakeholders via online dashboards where they can conduct their own analysis, putting the power of the data in their hands.

The Outcome

This solution enabled data-based decision making across marketing in ways never possible before. The client was able to quickly and efficiently ramp up spend on ads and channels where competitors were weaker.

The client learned that some executions were just not working hard enough for them, so they pulled them. The client was also able to more effectively drive a new positioning, drawing on the regular competitive intelligence they received. Our team supported analysis and communication of results to the different stakeholder teams, helped provide cross-industry context and best practices, and served up potential recommendations to take into the business.

Ultimately, the more frequent tracker and at-the-ready trended data provided our client with the granularity to specifically identify what communications are working to drive brand affinity and to take action in near real-time.

These results were all delivered with speed and within the client’s budget. The client got the benefits of DIY tools without going it alone.