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Agile Brand Tracking and Activation

A CPG brand did not have a reliable way to measure the brands’ competitive performance.

They had not performed any brand equity research or driver work to understand where they could push growth. This led to disjointed decision-making and ineffective marketing, which did not help the brand defend against competitive threats from new market entries and evolving consumer tastes.

Big Village partnered with our client to design and launch an agile brand tracker focused on establishing the most important metrics, including brand funnel KPIs as well as functional and emotional drivers.

Supplemental qualitative research was used to dive deeper into the drivers, bringing them to life through an online community of category users. Big Village also appended behavioral data to the survey data set. These data were observable online behaviors where we uncovered a lot of insights without asking consumers additional survey questions.
For example, the behavioral data provided insights into where consumers go for recipes and health & wellness information. This provided a deeper level of understanding of how to reach consumers and what messages would resonate with them. Behavioral data were also used to develop addressable audiences based on the brand funnel (e.g., not aware, aware/non-triers, triers/not repeat), which the client used to develop tactical campaigns to move consumers down the funnel.

The Outcome

After one wave the client modified their advertising campaigns to focus on the drivers identified through the research. The client refocused their media spend based on insights gleaned from the behavioral profiling. Currently, the client is developing new product innovations to take advantage of market opportunities uncovered by the research. The brand is on firm footing, and all stakeholders understand its strengths and weaknesses, and what is needed to excel in the future.