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Agile Concept Test and Brand Partnership Evaluation

A global manufacturer of premium consumer electronics was exploring a possible partnership with a leading manufacturer of products for families with small children. 

They had developed several new product concepts and wanted to understand whether as a manufacturer of consumer electronics if they had permission to enter the ‘family’ category alone, or if they needed to partner with a credible brand.  They also wanted to understand if the new concepts were appealing and relevant to families and if a joint partnership between the two brands was perceived positively by the target audience.

Big Village partnered with our client to execute an agile concept test with parents in  3 countries.

Big Village tested 6 new concepts that were designed to make their technology more accessible to families with small children.  Big Village’s Agile solution included a Max Diff brand prioritization exercise that was designed to measure the degree to which the new product concepts were more or less credible, relevant, and appealing, when it came from their brand, other brands, or partnerships between brands.

The Outcome

The results of the survey indicated that for our client to credibly introduce the new products to market, they would need to partner with a well-known and reputable brand in the ‘family’ category.  Our research also indicated that both brands brought unique strengths to a brand partnership and the perception of the products concepts that neither brand could bring individually. Based on this research, our client signed a formal letter of intent with their partner to explore and jointly develop new, co-branded products for families with small children.