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Agile Innovation to Drive Growth

Our client, a market leader in providing products and services for employees and the sites in which they work, was facing considerable industry change (new entrants, M&A) and rising customer expectations. Smaller, new entrants were challenging the larger, industry leaders with new innovative products and diversified, self-serve opportunities.

To fuel innovation efforts and support the strategic goal of organic growth, our client revamped their innovation processes and established a data-driven toolkit to investigate and prioritize new opportunities as well as monitor and optimize the implementation of new products and services.

In collaboration with the client, we developed a hybrid approach that offers access to the right information sources for trends and competitive intel, digital tools to learn about needs and requirements, and proven decision-making models to optimize success.

We combined:

Accelerated Intelligence to identify industry trends and patterns
Expert Network for business context, and competitive intelligence
CARAVAN® for quick understanding of business decision-maker preferences
Digital Hives for end-user concept validation
Best-in-class analysis by strategy experts

This comprehensive intelligence has been instrumental in understanding the evolving needs and requirements of buyers as they have found creative ways to conduct business in a touchless environment; relying on fewer suppliers capable of offering a broader portfolio to meet their needs.

The overall approach has allowed our client to generate a wealth of opportunities, effectively evaluate them on an ongoing basis, build business cases for investment and monitor the implementation of new offers.

The Outcome

Our client modernized one of its core product lines to better meet the needs and requirements of employees increasing the client’s ability to effectively compete with new entrants.

Today, this offer energizes the product line, offers substantial revenue contribution, and has led to an increase in product line share of business.