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App Marketing Expansion

Big Village’s client helps app developers market their apps. The client aimed to expand the scope of services it offered to include more types of advertising channels. To optimize the expansion, the client needed to understand how its customers’ apps fit into their overall business strategies, how customers monetize their apps, and what metrics customers use to measure success.

The client knew there would be vast differences between different types of customers. At one end of the spectrum are digital-first companies built around one or more apps that generate all their revenue. At the other end, traditional brick and mortar companies may not generate any revenue from their app, but simply use it for brand building.

Big Village conducted a mixed mode survey of about 200 brands and agencies in the US and the UK that spend at least a moderate amount on app marketing.

The respondents spanned a mix of company types, company sizes, app categories, etc. The survey questionnaire was designed to gather a depth of understanding via extensive open-ended questions, as well as to quantify campaign goals, monetization methods used, performance metrics used, and more.

Five in-depth interviews with select survey respondents provided case studies that further illustrated the study findings.

Apps have a role throughout the customer relationship. Companies can use them to build their brand, reach new customers, drive sales, improve customer engagement, and reduce marketing costs.

Monetization methods vary, depending on the company’s strategy. Apps can be downloaded for free or for a fee. It may be possible to purchase goods and services within an app. In-app advertising can provide revenue. Users may have to pay for access to content or features in the app.

The Outcome

The client is moving forward with its expansion plans, aiming to help its customers monetize their apps effectively.