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Delivering Real-Time Business Intelligence to Inform and Align

The insights team at a leading health insurer was looking to conduct credibly sourced secondary research to kick-off and align teams in managing strategic workstreams. They consistently needed to develop internal points of view based on currently available information related to product, pricing, customer and competitor trends, all to inform and align internal teams while looking to outsource the work to maintain focus on strategic management.

Big Village’s Accelerated Intelligence team allowed direct access to industry experienced analysts, ready to receive client created submissions. Submissions, detailing business/research needs, hypothesis, goals, and specific details via an online request, reached Big Village immediately and were responded to for scoping and cost within 24 hours.

With details in hand, Big Village hit the ground running with extensive, best-in-class, authoritative content to address the client’s business challenge.

The Outcome

Big Village analysts and consultants quickly became trusted extensions of client work teams  – freeing up client insights managers for strategic management. Big Village supported over 30 research requests, enabling client work teams to get smart and – importantly – get aligned. Partnering with Big Village upfront allowed client teams to build on best-current thinking and advance competitive strategies in an accelerated fashion – making better decisions, faster.