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Brand USA: Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership to Drive Travel to the USA 

Brand USA, which is the official destination marketing organization of the United States, has partnered with Big Village to gain better insights into the attitudes and opinions of international travelers visiting the country. Brand USA is dedicated to promoting the United States as a leading travel destination, and to achieve this goal, it is important to understand the perceptions of international travelers.

What We Did:

Big Village has been tracking traveler sentiment with Brand USA since 2014. Big Village leverages its high-quality survey platform, CARAVAN, to survey 14,000 consumers every month in 14 countries across Europe, APAC, South America, and Canada. In recent years, Big Village and Brand USA have been working together to bring the number of travelers visiting the USA back to pre-pandemic levels. The survey results are combined with other data, such as air travel capacity and trends, to develop effective marketing campaigns encouraging more travelers to choose the USA. An example of a report can be found here.

The Result:

Big Village is honored to be a part of Brand USA’s efforts to bring prosperity to communities, unite partners, showcase innovative leadership, and inspire travel that benefits the U.S. travel industry and diverse communities across the country.