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Building Awareness of a Manufacturing Equipment Brand

Big Village’s client makes a specialized type of manufacturing equipment. Founded ten years ago, they were still operating with a start-up mindset in many ways, despite significant growth. Making decisions based on their founder’s intuition had served them well, but the time had come to make more decisions based on data. Additionally, further growth was hampered by low brand awareness. The company engaged Big Village to design and execute a brand tracker that could provide the measurement they needed to ensure their marketing efforts were having the intended impact, especially on building awareness of their brand.

What We Did:

Big Village designed a survey targeting manufacturing equipment decision-makers and influencers. The survey measured brand funnel metrics and attribute ratings for the client and relevant competitors. A key driver analysis enabled us to determine which attributes most impact purchase intent. Additional survey topics were added and removed to assess the impacts of timely situations, such as the pandemic, supply chain disruption, and the client’s IPO. Initially fielded in the US only, the study was extended to Germany and then Japan as the client’s focus widened. The survey is fielded periodically to gauge changes in the client’s awareness and its position relative to the competition.

The Result:

Tracking the client’s brand over several years has allowed them to measure an increase in awareness, giving them evidence that their efforts are working. It has also helped them refine their messaging by highlighting the attributes that are most important in the marketplace. Lastly, it has supplemented anecdotal information about competitor moves with data about the impact of those moves, enabling the client to react appropriately and ultimately gain market share.