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Change Healthcare Thought Leadership

Big Village’s client, Change Healthcare, aimed to develop thought leadership that would drive demand for its APIs. Change Healthcare engaged Big Village to uncover compelling insights around API adoption, usage, value and decision-making across the healthcare industry.

Big Village gathered perspectives from healthcare providers, payers, and healthcare technology companies via an online survey of 400 executives, managers, and technology developers. We also conducted follow-up phone interviews with 8 survey participants to gain deeper insights and quotable stories. 

We collaborated with Change Healthcare to design the survey and the follow-up questions to ensure the results would be of interest to the target audience.

After executing the research, we presented the results, highlighting key takeaways Change Healthcare could leverage in its thought leadership efforts. 

The Outcome

The project provided a clear story about the importance of APIs in the healthcare ecosystem, how organizations use them, the benefits of increased API maturity, hurdles to overcome, and trends in standards.

Big Village designed select visuals to Change Healthcare’s requirement for external dissemination and delivered detailed charts, tables, and verbatims quotations to arm Change Healthcare with a library of material to leverage in its marketing efforts. Change Healthcare released an ebook and an infographic using these materials.