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Combining Market Trends and Expert Perspectives to Shape Corporate Strategy ​

A financial services firm came to Big Village to support their annual strategic planning. Their goal was admirable in that they wanted to develop their future roadmap to fit within the entire context of their customers’ needs, desires and experiences. ​​

Knowing that customers draw from their encounters across all industries and aspects of life and knowing the interconnection of major topics, the client appreciated the benefit of thinking broader to differentiate, disrupt and future-proof their business.

Big Village designed and deployed a multimodal approach which involved both primary and secondary research.

Our client provided a draft list of five broad and dispirit topics they believe will have significant impact on their business. ​

Big Village then dove deep into each of the topics through published sources and complemented this robust knowledge with several expert interviews to get hands on perspective to help guide our client’s organizational goals and recommendations to executive leadership and their governing board.​

Our joint objectives included:

Gather and interpret data from multiple sources
Synthesize our robust knowledge while removing noise to enable our client’s organizational leadership to focus on the most important insights with the confidence needed to take action
Connect the key findings to our clients’ direct corporate mission, vision and purpose while demonstrating the relevance or connection of each key finding within the context of their specific and unique business
Present and defend ROI generating recommendations to the board and executive leadership through a visually appealing concise presentation
Create and conduct a collaborative workshop during which the organization aligned on priorities for the coming year

After overarching business goals and objectives for 2022 and beyond were identified, discussed and decided, the organization integrated these learnings into every department’s call to action.

The Outcome

The result of this approach gave all employees and customers a voice and an active role in overall corporate success. This level of respect and inclusion resulted in new product innovations, service level enhancements, and the creation of a fully engaged online client community supported by Big Village’s Always On Hive Platform. ​


This highly customer and employee centric approach to strategic planning and action has yielded greater client loyalty, improved employee engagement and positive business growth.