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Consumer Economic Outlook for a Nationwide Retailer

The marketing team of a large-scale, nationwide retail company was looking to provide their executive leadership team with weekly monitoring of US retail and economic activities. They initially requested Big Village focus on providing general press coverage of retail sales metrics, economic metrics, and overall consumer sentiment.

A month into providing weekly updates, our client asked if we could provide a deeper array of monthly economic figures.

Big Village’s Accelerated Intelligence team synthesizes and reports data from various government and financial industry sources, including commentary and insights on key variables such as retail sales, consumer spending, unemployment, personal savings, inflation, and consumer sentiment among others.

Additionally, we identify specific verticals experiencing higher consumer expenditure growth rates like financial services, food/beverage, recreation services, etc.

The Outcome

The feedback from the executive leadership team has been so positive that we will continue to provide these economic updates monthly.

This tracking has also sparked numerous ad hoc questions from the leadership team to help them assess the correlation and connection between specific economic variables. The partnership also allows the client and Big Village to adapt on the fly to make adjustments as market dynamics evolve.