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CPG Company Looking for Growth

A well-established CPG company was looking to quantify the power of its brand. They hadn’t performed any brand equity research or driver work to understand where they could push growth, and the business was at a point where growth was critical. The client didn’t know where to start and was getting pressure from management to onboard some survey and analytic tools, work within a small budget, and get to work.

Big Village was able to offer an alternative to the DIY route the client was considering.

First, we set up a survey to quickly get a sense of brand perceptions in the category. To get the speed of a DIY tool, we leveraged Big Village CARAVAN’s omnibus survey. This measurement focused on establishing the most important metrics – brand funnel KPIs along with a tight, focused list of functional and emotional drivers.
Next, we appended behavioral data. These data are observable online behaviors where we can uncover a lot of insights without asking consumers additional questions. That way, the client didn’t need to devote survey real estate, which takes time and costs money.
With the behavioral and survey data integrated, we were able to profile our clients’ and their competitors’ customers and non-customers on interests, online behaviors, including how they interact on social channels.
This data integration enhances the value of the survey data tremendously. Now we have a much more robust understanding of customers and non-customers – what topics they are interested in, how they feel about diet and health, where they go for information about food, ingredients, and recipes to ensure that the messages hit the right target in context.

All of these data and analyses provided guidance on marketplace opportunities and how to capitalize on them.

The Outcome

After one wave, the client modified their advertising campaigns to focus on the drivers identified through the research. The client refocused their media spend based on insights gleaned from behavioral profiling. They started a new product roadmap to take advantage of market opportunities uncovered by the research.

Consumer insights played a large role in that strategy, in part because our client could focus on the business implications of what we learned, rather than the nuts and bolts of the research. Furthermore, data integration would have been much more difficult and likely would not have been able to be executed in a DIY fashion. It was here that we identified some important distinctions around what messages those non-customers needed to hear to drive conversation, and where to reach them, which was made possible by the data integration.

All of this was delivered on a limited budget and delivered over a matter of days. The client now has a brand management strategy!