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Improving Call Center Efficiencies

A pharmaceutical company was looking to reduce number of repeat calls from customers on the same issue throughout their call center, and improve customer satisfaction.

Big Village integrated data & created a unique identifier:

  • 100,000 client quarterly customer call center data
  • 30,000 quarterly Big Village Transaction NPS

Big Village determined that customers’ order fulfillment and delivery schedule were significantly below par. This correlated to customers being extremely dissatisfied & frustrated, having to call the call center numerous times before there was resolution.

Big Village helped implement the following action items:

Expectation was to have issues dealt with straight away & incentivize customer with promotions to deal with dissatisfaction.
Determine root causes how to deal with order fulfillment & change of DO.
Added incentive for client staff for 1st time right delivery.

The Outcome


reduction in the number of contacts


annual cost savings