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Leveraging Bespoke Consumer Communities for Swift PR Results

Our client’s internal PR team sought to engage with customers on a specialized topic for an interview with a distinguished news outlet. The team faced the challenge of swiftly pinpointing consumers meeting specific criteria within a narrow category and sharing their contact details with the news source within 24-48 hours.

What We Did:

Big Village conducted a concise operation within our bespoke consumer community to identify suitable individuals who expressed interest in the opportunity. This initiative gathered relevant information required for the upcoming interviews.

The Result:

Through our efforts, Big Village identified multiple qualified consumers willing to participate in the interviews. As a result, our client’s PR team successfully arranged two interviews with the reporter. These interviews proved fruitful by reaching a challenging demographic and providing valuable content to the media. Both interviews were recorded, and the news source published a comprehensive article. This achievement highlights how our client effectively garnered earned media through the meticulous curation of an online community orchestrated by Big Village.