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Leveraging CARAVAN Surveys for Informed Decision-Making in Consumer Healthcare

A client in the consumer healthcare industry needed up-to-date competitive information to share at a board meeting in less than one week. The CEO had specific questions about consumer awareness and purchase interest in specific brands. No reliable, current source had the data our client needed to answer the CEO’s questions.

What We Did:

Big Village quickly developed a custom survey to field the next day (less than three business hours after the client reached out for help). Leveraging our CARAVAN omnibus survey, we fielded the questions overnight and delivered a robust sample so the team could feel confident presenting the results to the CEO and other senior stakeholders. Results were delivered in data tables, and through our easy-to-use dashboard with visualizations our client could easily include a presentation and a data analysis tool to dig deeper into the results among specific audiences and demographics.

The Result:

The efficient execution of the custom survey by Big Village had a profound impact on the client’s board meeting preparation. Within a matter of days, the client had comprehensive data at their disposal, offering deep insights into consumer perceptions. With the high-quality visualizations and analysis tools provided, the CEO was equipped to present data-driven strategies confidently. Thanks to the agility and expertise of Big Village, the client reinforced their reputation for proactiveness and data-centricity among the board members, positioning themselves as a forward-thinking leader in the consumer healthcare industry.