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Optimizing the Omni-Channel Experience

A consumer durable brand was seeing success in online sales, but felt they were leaving opportunity on the table because they did not fully understand how consumers become aware of, research and buy products in the category.

Big Village partnered with our client to design and conduct a multi-phase project, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, to map the path to purchase.

The qualitative phase provided the opportunity to engage directly with consumers to identify the phases of the journey, the channels used, sources consulted and the ways in which customers made their purchase. Quantitative research was used to size the different paths to help prioritize brand initiatives and segment consumers on how they shop the category, including the identification of key drivers at different phases.
Personas were developed to bring the different journey types to life, including video testimonials of consumers to infuse the voice of the customer directly into strategy planning. Addressable audiences of each persona were developed and used to influence consumers while on the path to purchase.

The Outcome

The brand optimized their online channel and are working to better integrate online and offline channels for a true omni-channel customer experience. Development on channel innovations is underway to further enhance the omni-channel experience. The segmentation and audiences developed from it were deployed to drive shoppers to channels and sources that would likely lead the shopper to our client’s brand. This research was foundational to the brands’ customer acquisition strategy, and they continue to leverage the research to uncover opportunities to influence the path to purchase.