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We activated revenue growth for a major media conglomerate.

Penske Media Corporation (PMC) is one of the world’s leading media groups, attracting over 140 million global consumers per month with their unique content.

PMC is constantly looking to improve their ad stack. They needed a solution that would activate revenue by leveraging differentiated demand to increase competition amongst all integrated demand partners.

“About 50 percent of our inventory is sold programmatically, so header bidding has a huge impact on our top line. Even with direct sales, a large segment of our revenue comes through programmatic, so we focus on header bidding and have EMX enabled across all of the sites in our portfolio.”

Penske Media Corp

EMX’s Account Management and Customer Service team seamlessly integrated EMX into PMC’s client-side header bidding solution.


Direct Demand

PMC now has access to EMX’s premium, differentiated demand of Fortune 500 brands and leading agencies.

Increased Competition

With more demand, PMC benefits from high bid competition, fast response rates, and increased revenue.

“EMX has been working extremely well for us. Once we integrated EMX into Index, we saw almost a 3x lift in spend and performance.”
— Penske Media Corp

With EMX integrated across all of the sites in their portfolio, PMC experienced:

3x lift

in spend and performance

Increased CPMs

High response and bid rates, driving up CPMs


partner support for all of their header bidding needs

“Our experience with your account management team has been awesome — we’re always in touch with them and it’s something that’s been exceptional. What really sets EMX apart is the customer service and hospitality.“
— Dustin Park, Sr. Manager, Monetization, Penske Media Corp