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Staying Ahead with Competitive Insights

A large B2B service provider was looking for a way to stay informed regarding their two competitors and their product development/innovation activities. They wanted to ensure they wouldn’t get blindsided by the introduction of a new product or service.

Big Village designed and executed a monthly monitor utilizing secondary sources, such as patents, trademarks, company releases, company social media posts and company earnings and investor call transcripts. Our client received a monthly deck summarizing any innovation related insights from their key competitors.

The Outcome

At the start of the engagement the client stressed that a major pain point was feeling like they were learning things about their competitors too late in the game. They felt they were one step behind and struggled to keep track of all the moving parts of the competitive landscape. Now with a monthly update on their competitive set, they are prepared and are starting to anticipate their competitors’ next steps, which allows for success when launching their own products.