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Staying Informed Across Multiple Industries

The Challenge

A global commercial property insurance provider maintains a foothold in several industries and was seeking a research partner to help them stay informed across all of these industries, in order to speak to their client base with informed insights. Their industries of interest include semiconductors, chemicals, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, and power generation.

The Solution

After carefully identifying topics, sources and a cadence to best deliver key industry insights, Big Village created quarterly, monthly, and weekly newsletters on the industries. Our team has mastered the most important content to feature and consistently identifies key business implications to the insurance provider.

The Impact

Big Village has been delivering monitors on various industry topics for several years and continues to increase the audience that reviews the content generated. The scope of the industry content is readjusted periodically and targeted to the changing business needs of the insurance provider. These monitors keep our client on top of ever-changing markets without investing too much time to seek out the most pertinent content.