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Staying on Top of Wealth Management Trends with Monthly Monitors

Over the years, two of Big Village’s wealth management clients have approached us about monitoring developments in the wealth management industry.
Each client was interested in tracking competitor developments, HNW/UHNW/Mass Affluent investors & behaviors, market trends, products (i.e., ESG, direct indexing, fractional shares, crypto, etc.), advisor insights, and external forces – such as inflation and recession – influencing the market.

However, each client had different priorities, main competitors, customer segmentations, and specific areas of interest they wanted covered, so Big Village customized the coverage & analysis to each client’s need.

What We Did:

Big Village accessed a blend of proprietary sources, including news aggregation databases, equity research reports from Wall Street investment houses, and transcripts from investor presentations, earnings calls, and conference presentations where company executives will often discuss wealth management developments.

Big Village also subscribes to specific industry sources that report on wealth management trends & developments such as High Net Worth Journal, InvestmentNews, Financial Planning, Financial Advisor IQ, and Ignites, as well as comb through trade sources such as ThinkAdvisor, AdvisorHub, Wealth Management, and Wealth Briefing to gain insight.

The Result:

Big Village partners with one of the two clients to produce a monthly monitor tracking wealth management market developments at a higher level – including a debrief call to review & edit the contents, while the other monitor is more in-depth and is on a bi-monthly schedule.

Both monitors took on even more importance the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the status-quo.

Our clients were able to monitor developments as investors changed behaviors, the shift to digital, new asset classes like cryptocurrencies and NFTs roiled the markets & advisors, and they were able to keep tabs on competitors as they adapted to the new realities caused by the pandemic.