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Using Personas & Customer Research to Drive Top & Bottom-Line Growth

Big Village’s client, a Fortune 50 company, is the single largest global manufacturer of healthcare products and services. Their focus is to become much more customer-centric.

This “outside in” focus has led to the development and activation of personas, to provide greater benefits to customers through increased alignment of offerings to needs.

For the business, the intent is to drive greater top and bottom-line growth through focused and disciplined actions.

What We Did:

Big Village worked with the client to establish a process for the following activities:

  • Establish alignment with key business unit / functional owners on priorities and outcomes
  • Exploratory research was conducted with:
    • Internal subject matter experts (SMEs) to capture their perspective on customer journeys
    • Customer research to develop detailed journeys based on customer needs, requirements, preferences, and competitive experiences (e.g., B2B decision-makers and influencers, channel partners, KOLs, etc.)
  • The insights were aligned with major initiatives and business cases were developed for additional funding
  • Extensive documentation was developed for the socialization and the application of the insights
  • Detailed action plans were developed and are underway

The Result:

  • Processes and systems are undergoing major transformation to offer a more seamless, frictionless, omni-channel customer experience.
  • Data are being integrated and analyzed to create a ‘single source of the truth’ for staff and customers.
  • Support staff are being trained on new systems that will provide greater access to information to address customer inquiries.
  • At the same time, self-service tools are being refined for ease of navigation and completion of tasks.
  • Communications have been developed to better inform customers about products, services, solutions, and tools.
  • Internally, these changes will drive efficiencies over time. Ultimately, this transformation will increase customer confidence in the decision to buy this brand.