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Veeva: Enterprise Software White Paper & Webinar

Big Village’s client, Veeva, produced an annual trends report for each of three main product offerings. The reports were adequate, but the findings and their presentation were “vanilla.” Veeva engaged Big Village to develop a trends whitepaper for its quality management software offering. The goal was for Big Village to conduct original research that would generate compelling insights and to present those insights in a visually engaging format.

Big Village gathered perspectives from Veeva’s target market via an online survey of 260 quality professionals and follow-up phone interviews with 12 survey participants. We collaborated with Veeva to design the survey and the follow-up questions to explore the current state of quality management, quality professionals’ challenges, and how professionals are dealing with their challenges.

After executing the research, we presented the results to Veeva, including our thoughts on how to focus the whitepaper.

With Veeva’s input Big Village wrote the whitepaper to focus on the key story and our graphic designers made it shine.

The Outcome

The combination of research approaches enabled us to present professionals’ challenges and solutions in their own words to help the reader see themselves in the work, while basing our story on quantitative data.

Veeva and Big Village disseminated the whitepaper through social media and other channels. Veeva and Big Village co-presented our results in a webinar hosted by industry publication Quality Digest. As of this writing, Big Village and Veeva are kicking off another thought leadership initiative.