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Always-On Online Communities

Private online communities of your target customers and/or prospects – expertly recruited and continuously engaged 24/7/365 – so you can focus on the insights your organization needs, not on the process. Stay continually abreast of changes in the marketplace and what they mean to consumers, all while building authentic relationships, conveying your brand story with greater humanity and conviction, and driving dynamic and durable brand growth.

The Big Village Difference

On-demand, flexible execution

Our communities deliver on the timelines your brand needs. We can go from request to result within days, if not hours, and will always meet your research demands promptly.

Industry-best member quality and engagement

Your Big Village team ensures every member is real, verified, high quality and continuously engaged, guaranteeing you get the people you need and the response rate you desire for every study.

Constant vibrancy

Regardless of your service level, we keep your community humming every day with thematic research around cultural, economic and industry trends and deep customer immersion. We also uncover unmet needs by mining hundreds of spontaneous member-generated conversations.

Best-in-class mobile-enabled technology

Elicit nuanced responses from members via video & audio, narrated screen recordings, image & video annotation, guided storytelling, digital collaging, rotating question block surveys, card sorting, live interviews and focus groups, iterative journals and much more.

Human-led AI

Your strategic consultants leverage integrated Al analytics for trendspotting, sentiment coding and data querying. We engage in robust language comparisons to quickly find meaning in unstructured data.

Bespoke reporting

Choose the deliverable that fits your team’s needs, whether it’s an email summary, a topline, a video reel, or a detailed strategic report, all overseen by senior storytellers.

Custom service level options

Depending on your needs and/or budgets, we offer packages ranging from member engagement only to full-service moderation, research design and analysis.

Exceptional cost savings

Our communities provide fast, iterative, and emotion-rich learning with 2-3x ROI, saving you thousands on every study.

What you get with our Always-On Online Communities

Your Team

  • Custom recruitment led by a dedicated team (B2C and B2B, across all verticals & geographies) using creative sourcing including panels, social media and niche partners

  • Daily member monitoring and moderation, ensuring every community member is vetted, verified, high-quality and continuously engaged (and immediately replaced once lapsed)

  • Creative research design that leverages multiple intelligence theory to elicit deep thinking from different people on different devices

  • A dedicated team including member engagement specialists and expert community research managers as well as senior strategic leadership on every study and deliverable

Our Tools

  • Quick polls & surveys with rating, card sorts & scale allocations

  • Video and audio response options for natural voice, emotion-led story-telling, even on mobile devices

  • Video and photo-based virtual ethnography & IHUTs

  • Closed and open-ended, guided fill-in-the-blanks storytelling

  • Image and video annotation with heat mapping

  • Screen “safaris” for video-based digital ethnograph

  • Live video focus groups & IDIs

Our Tech

  • Fully mobile-optimized and available in 25+ languages

  • Detailed registration profiling, enabling private and targeted activities & easy comparative analysis

  • Dynamic dashboards with customized and manipulable charts, graphs, word clouds

  • Automatic transcription of all video & audio responses (including live focus groups/ IDIs) + one-click ability to create video clips and stitch together sizzle reels

  • Exportable data in SPSS-style output for easy porting into internal dashboards and analytic tools

  • Integrated AI that easily finds trends & themes, and enables robust data-querying


Digital Hive pricing depends on:
  • The length of time you want to spend with members
  • Total number of respondents
  • The incidence of the audience with which you want to engage (B2B, B2C, niche, general, etc.)
  • The objective of the Hive itself (so we can accurately determine member incentives based on whether we are asking for them to do live groups/interviews and/or engage in virtual ethnography, etc.)

A full-service 30 min Hive of 100 members of 20%+ incidence typically starts at $25,000.

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