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CARAVAN DE&I Omnibus Surveys

Big Village’s CARAVAN® DE&I Omnibus offers a comprehensive, reliable solution for organizations that need to quickly gain insights into the opinions of minority groups in the U.S. Our team of research professionals will work closely with you from questionnaire design to data delivery, ensuring that your needs are taken care of every step of the way.

We conduct an online survey among 2,000 general population consumers weekly, providing readable, meaningful, and actionable feedback from minority segments, including Black, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ+, and physical ability levels. With Big Village’s CARAVAN® DE&I Omnibus, you can access reliable insights to help inform decisions about products or services to understand consumers in diverse markets better. Let us help you make the right moves and drive success.

Get quick intelligence among general population and minority groups in the U.S.each week.

Our efficient survey process lets you quickly get what you need. Our online survey fields three times per week with results in just a few days. We offer comprehensive custom surveys, including quantitative questions (single or multiple choice, numeric, grid, etc.), attribute rankings & ratings, qualitative (open-end) questions, skip patterns, question-wording piping, and images or videos. Whatever your research needs may be, we will provide detailed analytics and insights from our census-balanced sample within days at an affordable cost. Let us help you understand the ever-evolving landscape of DE&I with comprehensive, reliable insights.

Demographics include:

  • gender
  • age
  • generation
  • region
  • race
  • household income
  • household composition
  • education
  • community type
  • employment status
  • home ownership
  • marital status
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • physical ability level.
  • Add your own demographics for a customized view of the results specific to your needs.

Unlock the Benefits of Comprehensive Research and Accurate Data.

CARAVAN® DE&I Omnibus is a powerful tool that can help you test concepts, messages, and advertisements, define and size markets, measure attitudes, awareness, and usage, track changes over time, generate publicity, and build demographic profiles. CARAVAN® DE&I Omnibus is the ultimate solution for collecting insights into minority groups in the U.S.

With QuickView, our online data and analysis platform, you have the ability to easily filter the findings by gender, age, region, race, household income, household composition, and education, as well as export them into PowerPoint format. We also offer additional optional deliverables to best suit your needs. These include customized data points, respondent-level data files, and PowerPoint summary reports developed by our experienced team of analysts.

Our expert team will guide you at every step, from questionnaire design to data delivery.