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Big Village Positions Aruba as the #1 Exporter of Happiness in New Creative Campaign for Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA)

April 27, 2022

Big Village Appointed ATA’s Creative Agency of Record


New York, NY – April 27th, 2022 – Big Village, a global advertising, technology, and data company, and the Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), are launching the first creative campaign under their creative partnership. The campaign, titled “The Aruba Effect,” positions Aruba not as an exporter of goods, but as the number one exporter of happiness, and explores what happens when this lift in mood spreads person by person, like a ripple effect, across the world.

In September 2021, Big Village was awarded the ATA’s creative business, including campaigns, always-on organic social content, landing pages, email, account and strategic management, and social analytics. There was no pitch— Big Village won the business based on a shared vision for the island and the success of a two-year long media and analytics relationship.

“The Big Village team continues to show us their great spirit and love for our island and are fully invested in our success. Their incredibly dynamic team is strongly equipped to meet our marketing goals and provide leading strategic thinking. This synthesis is why we chose them as our media partners and why we evolved that relationship to include creative,” said Lea Giaquinto, Director Digital Marketing North America, Aruba Tourism Authority.

The One Happy Island is bringing “The Aruba Effect” to life through its new advertising which includes website updates, digital videos, organic social, and display as well as special partnerships with HBO, Hulu, Paramount and Discovery+. By focusing on how the island improves wellbeing, drops defenses, and reveals a happier version of each person that stays with them even when they return home, the campaign is a testament to the people of Aruba and the impact of its culture on a personal and potentially global level. Videos include families, couples, solo travelers, and friends experiencing “The Aruba Effect” on the island’s beaches, bike trails, and city streets.

“Looking outwardly, Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean Island with world-class beaches, water and weather. Looking inwardly at the transformative effects of Aruba, how you feel, how you are treated by the locals and how you treat others in turn, you realize that there is no island in the world like the One Happy Island,” said Matt Steinwald, SVP, Executive Creative Director, Big Village Agency.

To capture the island’s transformative effect, Big Village began re-thinking the role of travel and destination advertising, based on travelers’ changing preferences.

“Post pandemic, everyone is re-evaluating priorities, deciding what to keep and what to let go of, and moving through life with renewed intention. This era of intentionalism has impacted what people want from a vacation, moving away from ‘traveling for the ‘gram’ to traveling for real, impactful experiences,” said Lindsey Allison, SVP, Head of Strategy, Big Village Agency. “Instead of focusing on attracting visitors to the island, we instead focused on the lasting impacts they’ll experience when they leave.”

The campaign will go to market today through a unified communications plan with cohesive adaptations of “The Aruba Effect” activated through paid and earned media, influencers, sales and other channel efforts, also designed and executed by Big Village. Zeno Group completes the agency team, running PR and influencer for ATA North America.

Watch “The Aruba Effect” videos here.

Visit “The Aruba Effect” website:

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