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Pride Month 2024

June 11, 2024

In celebration of Pride Month, we asked Americans about authenticity and how brands can authentically celebrate Pride. See the results from our CARAVAN® survey below.


In which of these ways would a brand’s support of Pride Month feel AUTHENTIC to you?


“I appreciate when brands show genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community by taking concrete actions, like donating to relevant causes, promoting inclusivity in their workplaces, and featuring diverse voices in their advertising campaigns. What’s important is authenticity and sustained commitment, rather than just temporary gestures for the sake of PR.”

– Millennial, LGBTQ+

“I’d like to see brands authentically support LGBTQ+ causes beyond surface-level marketing. This could involve tangible actions like donating proceeds to LGBTQ+ organizations, fostering inclusivity in their workplace, and amplifying marginalized voices within the community.”

– Gen X, LGBTQ+

“I would love to see Authenticity for the “good” of the movement, rather than it being a source of financial gain for whoever is sponsoring the event/activity!!”

– Baby Boomer, Cishet

Which, if any, of these brands do you think show AUTHENTICITY when supporting Pride Month?


“Don’t make a big spectacle of it. We’re gay it’s not that exciting. Make clothes that the PUBLIC wants to wear. Call out companies for their practice of funding anti-lgbtq+ initiatives. Donate to trans support groups and to help disadvantaged queers. Speak out that drag kings/queens and trans men and women are just people being authentically themselves.”

– Gen Z, LGBTQ+

Sell products designed by and/or made by LGBTQIA+ creators. The mass-produced “everything rainbow” with generic supportive messages like “born this way” or “love everyone” come across as very inauthentic. Support LGBTQIA+ creators and let them lead Pride month instead of generic rainbow capitalism.

– Gen Z, Cishet

“I would like to see more brands partnering with queer artists for their pride merch rather than just slap a rainbow on preexisting products OR products made exclusively by straight and cisgender artists for the queer community. While there is nothing wrong with cishet individuals being involved, input and major product design for items specifically for the LGBT community should come directly from queer people to better represent other queer people.”

– Gen Z, LGBTQ+


This CARAVAN® survey was conducted by Big Village among a sample of 2,011 adults 18 years of age and older. This survey was live on May 17-22, 2024.

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