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Research? Yes Please!

May 13, 2020

Consumers Are Eager to Participate in Research

With COVID-19 rewriting all the rules, there has been hesitancy among many companies to move forward with new and existing projects. Big Village recently reached out to consumers to see if this hesitancy is warranted.

About Big Village’s Caravan Surveys

Big Village’s online CARAVAN® Omnibus Surveys is our agile solution that provides actionable data quickly and cost-effectively, so you can uncover the insights you need to succeed. With CARAVAN® you get to choose the right survey to fit your needs – customized by population, audience segment, country, topic and industry, including small business.

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About Big Village’s Digital Hives

Big Village’s Digital Hives offer a time and cost-efficient way to get a robust look into your target consumer’s world. We meet consumers where they’re already spending their time – online – with an environment full of activities that encourage them to tell their stories, just like I’ve told mine. Within a matter of days, we can recruit 100+ participants of your identified criteria, hear their stories, learn their behaviors, uncover emotional truths, and provide a report with actionable insights to allow your business to meet consumers at the point of decision making.

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