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The Cultural Impacts of TikTok

December 8, 2022

New Global Research Report From Cassandra Dives Into the Cultural Impacts of TikTok

Seven out of 10 global Gen Zs say that spending time on TikTok is their favorite thing to do 

NEW YORK, December 8th 2022 – The latest research report, TikTok-ification of Global Youth released by Cassandra, Big Village’s insights and strategy group that studies trendsetting young consumers, uncovers new findings around how TikTok is changing the cultural conversation of Gen Z in markets around the world. Young consumers have embraced the app and its fundamentally changing the way they discover new information about the world around them.

“As one of the most creative and inquisitive generations, it’s no surprise that Gen Z has a strong affinity with platforms like TikTok,” said Kathy Sheehan, Senior Vice President, Cassandra. “Today’s youth seek out opportunities to experiment, be creative, and to express themselves. Platforms like TikTok allow them to interact with communities and trends, letting them embrace and show off their true colors.”

In fact, 8 in 10 global Gen Zs reported that they go to TikTok for entertainment, a true testament to how the app is shaping their relationship with global pop culture. However, there is a variety of content posted on the app from topics ranging from entertainment to current events. 78% of global Gen Z respondents reported that they keep up with the news and current events through social media such as TikTok. Social media has always influenced how information is created and shared, but TikTok is elevating expectations to new levels.

Additional key findings include:

  • 70% of global Gen Zs agree that the TikTok algorithm knows their interests better than they do

  • 62% of global Gen Zs agree they learn more interesting things on TikTok than at school

  • 8 in 10 U.S. Gen Z with a physical disability strongly agree being on TikTok has created a space they feel comfortable sharing more of who they are with others

  • 90% of Global nonbinary and trans youth agree that being on TikTok allows them to explore new interests they didn’t have before

  • 65% of global Gen Zs agree that joining TikTok trends makes them feel connected to their country’s culture

The TikTok-ification of Global Youth was crafted through a quantitative survey fielded in the U.S., Australia, UK, Germany, South Africa, India, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil, and Mexico. Cassandra interviewed a global sample of 2,750 youth aged 14 to 25 based on age, gender, ethnicity, and region. For more information, visit

About Cassandra by Big Village

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